20 Ml Gouache Tempera Group: 1445 Bluish Violet | Maimeri

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an opaque, matte painting, uniform. the new line of tempera colors extrafini wants to give maximum attention to the potential of tempera, to safeguard the specificity and the genuine quality of this ancient way of writing. fully soluble in water, the dough together now total coverage of each of the colours, matching the brilliance of the tones. they are well adapted to all media: painting canvases and boards prepared, porous surfaces and paper. the extreme quality of the binder and the high concentration of pigment, with appropriate dilution, the perfect airbrush application as well as the full use in any graphics work. the palette colors have been chosen especially thinking about a new using this tool in pictorial field. a complete assortment with bright colors and sharp, capable of allowing all gradations, even most demanding performers. two white and two black, 10 red, eight, nine greens and blues four metallic colors: observing the colour you appreciate meditate choices made in the selection of the color range. all this to keep up its prestige and the quality of a unique product. not a watercolor, not an acrylic. who painted with gouache maimeri knows well the spirit of tempera painting.
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