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precious 2-storey casket, one of which retractable, handmade. in the first level, set of 3 cento3 tools: multifunctional pencil, pocket fountain pen, mechanical micromine. a collection designed in 2001 by castiglioni and cavaglià, today made of graphene - the thinnest and most seductive material in the world - through three-dimensional printing. in the second level: accessories for the cento3 instruments. serendipity, graphene box / tray, designed and made in three-dimensional printing by ego.m, which contains n. 6 watercolors half godets and the brush. in addition to the function of container, it performs the function of a top to mix colors with each other and with water. tintoretto brush for watercolor, high quality marten hair, with metal protection cap. half godet watercolors in 6 colors: ocher, burgundy, dove gray, ego.m exclusive graphite, blue and turquoise. natural, extra-fine, entirely artisanal production using the best natural, mineral and ancient pigments- also formulated with a single pigment to give confidence to tradition and respect the authenticity of nature. pack with spare parts sphere per cento3. and multifunctional pencil in black, blue, red + n. 2 colored pastel leads + n. 2 colored wax markers. the pocket-sized fountain pen is enriched with a practical and colorful range of cartridge inks to respond to different situations, in 5 assorted colors: dove gray, burgundy, turquoise, graphite and blue. . scriptorium is a handmade box, covered in ego.me soft touch paper, size 25x25x7.5 cm. detailed description of the cento3 project, in Italian and English inside. archiproducts design award 2021
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