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pen and paper are always made to be together, but they aren'-t always. clipen presents the most practical and fashionable way to carry a pen. clipen can be simply cut out onto any type of paper. it can be used as a pen, binder, bookmark and more you can imagine. clipen will always be in your hand when you need it before you even look for it. many pens on the market are ready to be carried around, but they are somehow awkward and uncomfortable. it'-s not nice to have a single drawing next to a sheet of paper. clipen has brought an innovation in intuitive design and functionality. clipen is a design pen that works as both a clip and a pen. clipen is designed to be easily transportable via sliding clip on paper or clipboard. just swipe from top to bottom on the desired page and use it as a bookmark as well. the pen is cut out of paper, ready for use at any time. provides a smooth writing experience with sgs certified neutral ink and nib made in germany. the original concept, ergonomic design and smooth shape are designed for the hand to provide a comfortable grip.
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