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the first cat-shaped dancing bluetooth speaker.
technology and style come together perfectly in this small product.
the dancing animals cat bluetooth speaker has efficient sound and amazing design.

speaker parameters:
speaker diameter: 35mm
impedance: 4 ohm
power: 3w
frequency response: 70hz-20000hz
maximum volume: 85db
integrated kalimba dsp (cvc) audio processor
battery parameters:
charging time: 2.5 hours
music playing time: up to 3 hours
microusb charging - cable included in the set
bluetooth range up to 10m.
3 dance modes: fast, slow, off.
built-in microphone.
the call answering function (hfp protocol).
made with the highest quality materials.
compact size: 10.5cm x 7.0cm x 4.3cm
very light: 100 g on-off switch. age: +7
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