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the most colorful pens in the world! classic, trendy, cool, stabilo point 88 is the fineliner nr. 1 in Europe: with 6 billion pieces sold worldwide, it is a timeless classic! its 55 shades of color, including 6 neon shades, make it the quintessential colored pen for writing, coloring, underlining, taking notes, working with rulers, squares and stencils, sketching and making diaries and agendas even more colorful. it is excellent for any kind of use! in drawing it allows you to create the smallest details, in writing it guarantees precision on the sheet. stabilo point 88 fineliner pens are the perfect companions for pupils, students and professionals. stabilo point 88 has a 0.4 mm fine line tip that guarantees precision and control, and a metal tip holder that offers stability and durability. it has a ventilated anti-suffocation cap, is comfortable to hold thanks to the hexagonal barrel, and its special ink formula guarantees maximum performance even without the cap. stabilo point 88 is also the perfect companion for creative writing hobbies like bullet journal, sketchnotes, hand lettering, and color like art-therapy.

- the fineliner par excellence. unmistakable hexagonal barrel with longitudinal white stripe design
- reinforced metal toe that guarantees resistance and stability. allows you to create perfect lines
- ideal for writing, coloring, drawing, sketching, and working with rulers, squares and stencils
- Long lasting capless, 0.4mm stroke and water based ink make it popular with artists and kids
- with ventilated anti-suffocation hood. point 88 is available in 47 colors
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