Black Calligraphy Marker 2mm Chisel | Molotow

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the first marker in the world for soft brush pumps with an exclusive patented pumping system and capillary technology. The removable, soft-edged brush tip acts like a real brush but does not fray. pump softliner by calligrafx ™ opens up endless creative possibilities to hone your handwriting calligraphy skills. finally all the marker is refillable and contains the highly opaque covers all the ink, a black signal alcohol-based synthetic bitumen, which guarantees maximum performance. this molotow ™ marker is a true must have for any artist and is also available as a blank marker for refill. the 223em comes with the 2mm chisel tip and the 222em comes with the 1mm brush tip. activates the patented pumping system by removing the marker cap, placing it and activating the brush tip by pumping it into the top of the cap.
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