Rainbow Enamel Color 15 Ml 069-Brushed Steel | Idea

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everyone, as always, can say that they have spent a few hours coloring a ship or plane model, or a train, the elements of a model, houses, trees, figures or toy soldiers, and even the features on the face of a doll, the colors a a sculpture in salt dough, the decorations to a handcrafted jewel. even in the smallest repairs or restorations of brocantage objects, or modern antiques, tiny re-coloring, retouching is often required, which eliminates peeling, scratches and loss of color in a practical, invisible and resistant way. these are the fields of application of modeling glazes, glazes that are not common paints simply packaged in small jars. rainbow is a very fine grinding of pigment stable to light, temperature changes and humidity combined with a low viscosity synthetic binder. all to make this special paint of adequate fluidity, so that it can be spread without problems even with very fine brushes, on microscopic surfaces. without forming thicknesses and reliefs that would make the paint coarse and without drying too quickly so as to be able to reach the laying surface still at the right degree of fluidity and workability. for the needs of model makers, the line consists of 44 colors, almost as if it were a palette for fine arts with a spectrum or chromatic range that is well suited to the name of the rainbow series: rainbow.
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