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stabilo pen 68 is the premium marker with an intense color stroke, ideal for coloring details and larger surfaces. stabilo pen 68 is the marker par excellence and has been the reference point for drawing and coloring for over 50 years. It is perfect for both budding artists and discerning professionals. it has a bright and luminous color, an odorless water-based ink and a sturdy tip m (1mm stroke) ideal for ink application. stabilo pen 68 is available in 55 colors including 6 fluorescent, and is the perfect companion for creative writing hobbies such as bullet journal, sketchnotes, hand lettering, and color such as art therapy. with pen 68 you can also create watercolor works of art by simply mixing colors with a brush and a little water! It is equipped with a ventilated anti-suffocation hood and lasts up to 24 hours without a hood. if you are looking for an infinite number of alternatives to draw and extraordinary performances, stabilo pen 68 will quickly become your best friend in the world of colors! it is thanks to this marker that stabilo has achieved its reputation for guaranteed German quality since 1966. give your creativity free rein with stabilo pen 68!

- pen 68, the premium marker par excellence
- brilliant, intense and luminous colors
- sturdy tip m (1 mm stroke) ideal for applying ink
- withstands up to 24 hours without hood
- ventilated anti-suffocation hood
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