12 pcs pack graphite pencil - stabilo swano fluo in fluo orange - hb grade

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stabilo swano fluo l is the graphite pencil in hb gradation with rubber pad designed for those who love trendy objects and fluorescent colors. we love bright colors! this trendsetter among pencils brings fresh colors to school, college and the office. the fluo swano hexagonal pencil is available with a handy eraser to compensate for minor inconveniences. the hb lead with 2.5 mm stroke makes it perfect for writing, drawing and hatching at school and university. It is also ideal for creative projects and DIY projects. choose your favorite color! It is available with a barrel in 4 splendid fluorescent colors: fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green, fluorescent orange and fluorescent pink. all to collect!

- for those who love trendy objects and fluorescent colors
- hb lead gradation: ideal for writing, drawing, hatching and expressing your creativity
- line width 2.5 mm
- recent fluoresce-colored barrel - bright tones that inspire creative minds, making pencils perfect for creative design and lettering
- with rubber in the same color as the barrel
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