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schmncke aqua bronze are a range of five metallic pigments produced with very fine powders of pure metals (copper, zinc, aluminum) which differ however from the classic metallic powder pigments, for having in the composition also a binder for watercolor. this special composition makes it possible to use schmncke aqua bronze as if they were real watercolors in powder form. in fact, it is sufficient to mix the necessary quantity of aqua bronze schmncke before applying with a little water on a palette, to obtain a high quality metallic watercolor. the colors obtained with schmncke aqua bronze, precisely because they are composed of pure metal pigments only, are in fact characterized by a greater covering capacity, light resistance and metallic effect, compared to watercolors made with pearlescent pigments or mica powders. each of the 5 schmncke aqua bronze metallic colors can be used alone, mixed with the other colors to obtain infinite shades of color or added on the palette to any other watercolor or tempera color.
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