Fountain Pen Imperium Romanum Black Edition - Pen Of The Year 2018 | Graf Von Faber-Castell

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legend has it that rome was founded in 753 BC. even today, at the beginning of the third millennium, the great kings, the magnificent buildings and the historical cultural achievements continue to fascinate: they were in fact a source of inspiration for the creation of the pen of the year 2018. the special platinum-plated edition is made in Carrara marble and the edition is limited to 400 fountain pens and 120 rollerballs. the exclusive "-black edition"- is limited to 330 copies of fountain pens and 100 rollerballs. both editions have hand-finished two-tone 18-karat gold nibs. a cap protects the piston mechanism of the fountain pen. titanium barrel covered in anthracite gray pvd. the shaft is adorned with three segments in black marquina marble from the biscay region in the basque country and two pvd-covered rings engraved with laurel wreaths. the cap is decorated with an engraving of the colosseum and a miniature of the roman coin. the Roman coin is modeled on a rare silver denarius from the year 44 BC with the effigy of caesar. hand-finished 18-karat gold nib with ruthenium coating, hand-finished. available in line width m. each writing instrument is individually numbered. exclusive glossy black wooden box with brochure and certificate of authenticity. an additional insert offers space for six more writing instruments. limited edition of 330 pieces.
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