marker - stabilo ohpen universal permanent - fine line (0.7 mm) - blue

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making presentations at school and at work is easier with stabilo ohpen universal! stabilo ohpen is the permanent ink pen for all smooth surfaces, with a wavy, non-slip grip and a ventilated cap with a practical clip. stabilo ohpen is extremely versatile! these transparency pens are the most loved by great presenters because they do not smudge or smudge on the slides. they also write on almost any hard surface, making them perfect for a variety of uses. stabilo ohpen lasts up to 3 days without a cap and is available in 3 different line widths (s, f, m) and 8 different colors.

- suitable for transparencies and for writing on almost any smooth surface
- permanent ink
- Wavy non-slip handle and ventilated anti-suffocation hood with practical clip
- lasts up to 3 days without cap, without the ink drying
- available in 3 different line widths (superfine, fine, medium) and 8 different colors
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