10 Pcs Pack Double-Sided Tape 50mtx15mm Trans. 64-621 Single Thermo | Comet

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tesa 64621 is a transparent double-sided self-adhesive tape consisting of a pp backing and a hot-melt synthetic rubber adhesive mass. the hot-melt adhesive makes tesa 64621 tape solvent-free and also offers very high tack and excellent adhesion to both polar and non-polar surfaces, such as pp, pe or edom. after application the tape takes a short time to reach its full adhesion strength. the transparent tape features good moisture and fog resistance and can withstand temperatures up to 80°C for a short time and 40°C for a long time. tesa 64621 is protected by a silicone paper liner. tesa 64621 is also available in a version with fingerlift and an overlapping liner, to make the use and application even more convenient. tesa 64621 is a universal fixing tape, which can be used for a wide range of applications 1 the tape is ideal for self-adhesive mounting of decorative and packaging materials 1 the transparent tape is used for bonding materials such as metal foils, textiles, paper and plastic 1 resealable bag closure in the food industry 1 tesa 64621 is also available in a fingerlift version with an overlapping liner, making it even more practical to use and apply.
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