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quick-setting vinyl glue (3-5 minutes). the ideal white glue for gluing hard and softwoods, plastic laminates to wood, veneers, plywood and porous materials. Moisture resistant: complies with the EN 204 d2 standard. white in color, becomes transparent after drying. for fast, moisture-resistant (d2) gluing and fixing of practically all types of wood, hard, soft and exotic. applicable for mating and non-load-bearing wooden constructions, through for example av notches, dovetails, mortise joints, nails and springs. suitable for interior applications such as doors and furniture, for example in living rooms and offices. for gluing wood, soft and hardboard, chipboard, plywood, mdf, paper, cardboard and panels. also for fixing veneer and rigid synthetic materials (hpl- formica, duropal, resopal) to wooden surfaces. d2: internal environments in which the relative humidity increases sporadically for short periods, the humidity content of the wood does not exceed 18%.
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