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muzen wild mini is protected against water from any direction. is your new essential beach or pool party that can survive the sand and surf while delivering a powerful listening experience. With 3 lighting modes, including high, low and sos flashlight, it helps you to keep safe on the dark forest trails and guide your way to the camp. we know that accidents happen sometimes. don'-t let the inevitability stop the music and ruin your speaker. if you'-re going to be near water, play it safe with a speaker that'-s designed to survive anything. drop this bluetooth speaker in the pool or take it to the desert without fear, as this design is built to withstand huge amounts of water alike. you might be a fan of climbing, hiking, summer pool parties, lazy picnics, and afternoon barbecues. or maybe your idea of relaxation is to listen to music while you take care of the garden. the muzen wild mini bluetooth speaker is the perfect speaker for all these activities. you can take the wild mini to a festival, on a backpacking trip or with you in a canoe. we can send you a strap, you can attach it to almost anything, allowing you to take the sound with you wherever you go. This portable bluetooth speaker is designed for the outdoor-y type. whether you spend your free time in the park, by the pool, in your garden or in your backyard preparing the grill, this is the speaker for you! highly portable, this rugged speaker is the consummate travel companion for all your outdoor excursions.
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