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The Candiy® Sweet Treats Box Set comes with all the tools you need to create beautiful quilling artwork.
just roll up simple strips of paper creating curls, circles, geometric shapes to create fantastic compositions. the perfect gift to give or to receive!
box candy'-s creative boxes look like real candies!
these gorgeous boxes contain fun projects for young artists and creative spirits!
when the project is finished, the box becomes a convenient storage container. create a whole fleet of paper airplanes, a paper lantern, a terrarium displaying a beautiful underwater world, a magical butterfly garden, a mega dream catcher, super original postcards, atmospheric lights and more.
box candy craft boxes are guaranteed to produce fantastic results.
let your imagination and creativity run free and surprise your family and friends!
have fun creating your own gifts for mom or dad, grandpa, grandma, your best friend and other people you know.
or keep them to yourself, of course!
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