fineliner premium - stabilo pointmax - box of 4 pastels - assorted colors

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stabilo pointmax is a medium stroke nylon tip pen, perfect for writing and coloring. the resistant nylon tip and the 24 different colors let your creativity fly! dries quickly and leaves no smudges. watchword: creativity! care and passion have allowed us to create an innovative product that allows you to write with maximum comfort and free the creativity of each of us. in addition to the wide choice, with 24 colors designed to best express your personality, stabilo pointmax is also equipped with a convenient clip to always carry it with you. moreover, if left open, it resists 24 hours without cap keeping intact the quality of the ink and tip. what makes this pen unique is its special m-tip, robust and very resistant, with a line width of 0.8 mm, with which you can really do everything: coloring, drawing, taking notes and underlining.

- new colored pen to express all your creativity
- water-based ink that dries quickly
- excellent writing comfort even after long use
- sturdy nylon tip with 0.8 mm medium stroke for clean writing and drawing
- available in 24 brilliant colors
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