Erasable Marker Pen Frixion Light Pink | Pilot

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change the ending of a story. change your mind, rewrite your story, follow your heart. thanks to the new frixion colors markers you can give space to your creativity by drawing and coloring. if you don'-t like what you are drawing, you can just erase and start over. frixion colors is much more than a colored marker- it is similar to a magic wand that will allow you to change the end of a story. fairy tales or ferocious dragons? a wise cat or a catfish? with 12 colors available you can give vent to your inspirations and transform your designs to infinity. your imagination is the only limit! do you have a new idea? you can erase the ink without damaging the sheet of paper. thanks to the new marker you can not take everything seriously! it'-s time for happywriting!
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