Palette In Ceramica Tonda 12 Scomparti 17.5*17.5*25 Cm. | Meeden

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made of high quality white eco-friendly ceramic material, so it is very durable. ideal for watercolor, gouache, acrylic, oil, tempera paint. 17.7cm. dia x 2.5cm. h with good quality is excellent for mixing watercolor, with enough weight it won'-t flip over, perfect for study or field work with the smooth white surface, no drips, the paint will spread evenly without smudging and can be cleaned perfectly with a tissue, easy to clean, mix and make colors come alive this medium weight porcelain palette with 12 wells is ideal for holding all types of paints, perfect for mixing various colors and is super easy to clean, which makes you will absolutely love. well designed with plenty of space for mixing colors, it will help you improve your color mixing skill. I highly recommend this palette to anyone looking for a nice and sturdy studio or field palette
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