Acrylic Apa Color 40 Ml Sr.glossy 120-Pink | Ferrario

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very resistant and with lively and brilliant shades, they are also suitable for coloring large surfaces, for example in scenography or in the decoration of objects made of wood, glass, metal, cardboard, fabric and many others. their creamy consistency also makes them suitable for painting on canvas or paper. once dry, the matt colors appear like bright tempera colors but, unlike these, they are indelible and permanent. the glossy colors can be used as real water-based enamels and finally the glitter, fluorescent, phosphorescent and bicolor colors offer the possibility of obtaining pleasant effects. dilution water, glossy medium, matt medium. main substrates canvas, cardboard, paper, wood, hardboard, plaster, clay, fabric and other non-greasy substrates. cleaning tools tiedipa water.
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