Brush Series 751 N. 20 Geremia Cerri Hidro Synthetic Plate Short Handle | Borciani E Bonazzi

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flat-tip brush in hidro® synthetic yarn, with short handle in light birch wood, light gray water-based paint with grip effect, orange no ink decoration print with a distinctive design and nickel-plated brass ring. the large flat brush, renamed the "-picture"- for its property of maintaining a precise and squared shape, is made with a particular blend of borciani e bonazzi patented hidro® yarn. the flat brush series 751 developed with the artist geremia cerri has the peculiarity of having an extremely precise tip and a "-flush at the tip"- closure to give a generous but precise and graphic brushstroke. seen in section, the square brush series 751 assumes a flame shape, due to its characteristic of high absorbency along the entire length of the yarn, and extreme tip precision. the flat brush series 751 borciani e bonazzi developed with geremia cerri is perfect for large backgrounds, washes and solid strokes, typical of impressionist watercolor and urban sketching. the artist comments on the flat brush: "-a compact and precise tip that gives a long, full, generous and at the same time graphic stroke"-. visible hair length 18mm, diameter 13.7mm
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