Pennello Unico Infinito Liner Serie 856 N°4/0 Tondo Vaio Con Legatura Manico Corto | Borciani E Bonazzi

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sharp in the tip, striking in the tank. extra length in the yarn, extreme softness, incredible absorbency. precision compactness, versatility and large reservoir: this is the tip of the single infinity liner. the iconic extra long flame tip in patented hidro® yarn. three brass wire bindings so that the entire reservoir of the tuft is exploited and compactness is maintained. thin lines, indeed very thin at the tip of the brush. backgrounds, washes and fillings with use under pressure. perfect control of the pictorial gesture in the curves and in the line changes. very slow release of water and color. very long, harmonious, endless stretch. ideal for botanical watercolor, urban scketching and plein air. light, easy to handle, thin, solid: for use at the tip and under pressure.
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