Diario 12 Mesi Standard Seven Roma Counter-Attacks | As Roma

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The Roma 12-month standard school diary is the perfect diary for fans of the Roma team who want to better organize their school year and keep track of all their commitments.

this diary has a standard format with dimensions of 18.5 x 13.5 cm, ideal for always carrying it with you in your bag or backpack. it is a practical and functional companion for your school life.

the pages of the diary are organized in a grid layout, allowing you to take notes, make sketches or jot down your ideas in an orderly manner.
the days of the week are not dated, so you can start using the diary at any time of the year, by ticking the days corresponding to the date with an "-x"-.

In addition to functionality, the Rome 12-month standard school diary is also a tribute to your favorite team.
is full of photos and curiosities about the yellow and reds, which will keep you company during the school year and will allow you to share your football passion with friends.

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