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Simple flat brush with medium-long fiber in green synthetic yarn, with short red lacquered handle and nickel-plated brass ferrule. the green fiber is characterized by elasticity and softness and by a medium water release- ideal for drawing up and preparing base coats, watercolor, acrylic, gouache and varnishes and for fluid color decorations. the flat tip shape is ideal for wide-ranging brushstrokes, and for water-based painting where you don'-t want to leave traces. under pressure it creates a rectangle-shaped track. the brushstroke is elastic and defined, much appreciated by illustrators and color professionals. the 404 series visually creates a strong reference to the Italian flag and to the tradition of made in Italy craftsmanship. the flat brush italy 1951 is present in the selection "-watercolor stories"- advanced kit by the artist laura cortinovis. the handle is traditional and short, balanced and light, very easy to handle and suitable for precise machining and on horizontal worktops. stroke: the stroke is full and decisive, short and defined.
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