Dante Alighieri Fountain Pen Limited Edition 18 Kt Nib | Visconti

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the dante alighieri fountain pen mounts an 18kt gold nib and is embellished with engravings made with the meticulous scrimshaw technique. the entire body of the pen represents different scenes from the divine comedy. starting from the bottom, hell is depicted with a quote from canto ve with an illustration freely inspired by a panel by gustave doré. the protagonists are paolo and francesca and their strong love. in the center of the pen there is a typical representation of purgatory, made with a silver casting, which shows the lucky damned spiraling towards heaven. the cap is entirely dedicated to paradise, with a quote from canto xxi and an illustration by beatrice and dante, again inspired by a doré panel. the box becomes a real display object thanks to a brass structure made up of two statues, an angel and a demon, which, placed at the ends of the box, support the pen. the mahogany base contains a glass ink bottle and the booklet dedicated to the collection. Ivory. material: silver / acrylic resin. size: over. nib: au 18kt (large). nib color: palladium. loading: power filler. closure type: screw. hardware: aged silver. limited edition: 321

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