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classwiz series with high resolution lcd display and many more features. the classwiz series offers a new high resolution lcd display with 192 × 63 pixels and a resolution four times higher than the common fx-es plus series displays. in addition, the new classwiz series boasts new hardware with a faster processor and double the memory. high resolution lcd display with 192x63 pixels- natural vpam - natural display- 552 functions- icon menu- spreadsheet- qr code¹ function- solution of equations and systems up to a maximum of four equations- 4x4 matrices- vector calculations- calculations of integrals- differential calculations- probability distribution- calculations with technical symbols- cancel function- calculation with complex numbers- calculations on an n basis- calculations of equations- calculation of inequality- calculation on- 47 scientific constants- 40 metric conversions- automatic parentheses- 24 levels of brackets- variable memory (9)- trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions- hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions- power functions / power root functions- logarithmic calculations- exponential calculations- root stones- permutation and combinatorics- prime factorization- random integer- converter of polar coordinates into rectangular coordinates and vice versa- fraction (two modes)- sexagesimal-decimal converter and vice versa- calculations in degrees, gradients and radians- ski / fix / eng function- list-based statistics- 1-variable statistics- standard deviation- 2-variable statistics- percentage calculation- unnatural intake- exit with form v- output with form p- function table
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